The best 3 exercises for the upper abs!


First of all,never forget that the 6-pack abs are not just result of a simple abs exercises, more importantly they are result of the intense sprinting and diet adjustment combined with abs exercises! In the next few lines you’ll be reading about the 3 best upper abs (Rectus Abdominis) exercises.

1. Cable crunches
Attach the rope, you use for the triceps, on the cable machine grab it with both hands and lower your body onto knees. Pull the rope down without moving your hips till the chest is parallel with the floor. Squeeze it really tight for a 2 seconds and then go back slowly.

3 sets / 15-25 reps

2. Tabletop crunches
Lie on your back with the hands on your head. Put the legs in the tabletop position. Lift the butt slightly over the floor. Use the upper abs to crunch and hold it in that position for a second. Return to the starting position.

3 sets / 25-35 reps

3.  Toe touch crunch
Lie on the floor and put the legs in a 90 degrees angle with the floor. Raise the arms straight up so that  they are parallel with the legs and crunch with your upper abs strongly to the toes. Hold the position for a second and get back in the starting position.

3 sets / 15-25 reps

That’s all you need for the upper abs, but let’s not forget that the upper abs exercises are never doing without the lower and middle abs. More on the other groups of abs exercises in the next posts!

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